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Media Tools

Creative Analytics.

Our creative analytics provide intelligence data on how competitors position their actions / offers and what messages are being used to place in the marketplace. This allows you to follow the trends on the creative and message used for specific campaigns.


Search by Advertiser, Brand, Industry, Category, Product, Date and more.


We classify each piece of ad with all the data needed so that you can make your advertising strategies much more effective.

Tracking Analytics.

We track the expenditure & occurrence of campaigns on the sites we monitor. This information provides a clear picture of which Brands have the share of voice and media mix.


Knowing what’s happening in the media market will allow you to fully understand and make better advertising decisions. Our advertising occurrence & expenditure service monitors hundreds of millions of ads each year.
Media buyers can use our insights to determine competitors’ share of voice and identify their overall media strategy, while media sellers can identify prospects and improve their pitches.
Access this data through a variety of reporting tools, depending on your preferences, from email alerts to a deep dive and a at-a-glance dashboards.
We enable you to make cross media analysis from a macro report to a micro one.

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Social Analytics.

Measure your social media performance and benchmark against competitors and industry.


  • Analyze your performance across Facebook & Instagram with comprehensive social media analytics and reporting
  • Understand your social media performance in context by measuring yourself against your competitors
  • Filter posts by interactions. Discover the post with more generated likes, comments, shares and engagement rate within your industry
  • Our category segmentation allows you to locate posts even by product
  • View insights about reactions to your profile and the competitor’s
  • Search by trending hashtags

Discover our media monitoring tools for display and social media.

Campaign Performance Verification.

Get a third party verification of your campaign performance and efforts. We analyze and follow your campaign’s footprint worldwide.


Get real time data of all your banners with our CPV tool:

  • Date and time
  • URL
  • Device & browser
  • Geographic information
  • Clicks