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Media Solutions

Advertising Agencies.

Develop breakthrough new creative concepts and campaigns that are well positioned against competitors and past campaigns.


Do you ever want to see that banner ad from your client’s competitor and you can’t find it?
Ever felt the need for inspiration to get your juices flowing?
Or keeping abreast of market-defining creative advertising trends and techniques?
How about making certain that your brilliant ad copy or creative has not yet been executed?


Performing these discoveries take valuable time. Time that could be better spent somewhere else. SpotOn AdIntelligence offers you a powerful yet intuitive search tool where you can easily find your client competitors or prospective account’s creative. You can search, view and immediately download creative by date, industry, category, brand, product, language and more.


Understand what messages are being used in the market landscape and evaluate if they are standing out against the competition.


Your most precious asset is your time. Wouldn’t you like to access all of your competitors creative and activity within a single platform?
Minimize your strategic and creative departments search times with SpotOn AdIntelligence. Discover who, what they are saying and when they are advertising.


Be the first one to receive an alert when a competitor launches a new online campaign.
Have instant access to all of your competitors creative and activity.

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Media Owners.

To better understand client & prospect strategies and messages, so you can pitch more effectively based on the audiences advertisers are targeting.


Perform research for business development by identifying the advertisers that are placing orders with the competition and/or could be better served with improved online media buys.


Identify advertiser’s media placement & campaign activity.
Industry Research Knowledge and insights from other successful campaign media buys to develop client’s media strategy.
Research a competitor’s media strategy.