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Universidad del Sagrado Corazon and SpotOn continue together on their successful path in 2018

Maintaining students current in the understanding and application of big data technology to drive digital marketing & advertising activities

During 2017 selected students and faculty of the digital marketing section of the School of Communications at the USC have had full use of SpotOn AdIntelligence’s technology and big data resources. The objective is to equip students with the tools necessary to successfully compete as they prepare 3rd and 4th year digital marketing projects. As a result of this initiative, students have added to their assignments real-life and real-time view of the rapidly evolving brands reaching consumers via online advertising; be it display or social media.

The quick and massive acceptance of new media vehicles by the population in Puerto Rico, motivates big and small business to include online advertising in their marketing mix. This trend, has provided fertile ground for the creation of new “digital” departments at the marketer and traditional ad agency level, as well as in the launch of specialized digital marketing and advertising agencies and consultants.

Universidad del Sagrado Corazon who has been a leader in providing the talent necessary to fulfil these roles and promoting entrepreneurship among marketers, jumped at the opportunity to fill the digital information gap with tools such as SpotOn AdIntelligence. New media is uniquely dynamic, to the point of requiring marketers real time view of competitive organic content and advertising.

For 2018 students and graduates of the Universidad del Sagrado Corazon will continue to be at the helm of digital marketing roles using their digital marketing skills in the Puerto Rico market and beyond.